Private detective – private investigator

Young detectives of Georgia offer private detective services.

Private investigation.

Studying the business partner, his financial situation and business reputation

Determining the partner’s reliability.

Complete report on the company’s financial condition.

Conducting financial investigations against legal and natural persons

Planning of the company’s personnel policy, informational support

Checking and ensuring business security.

Avoidance of unsuccessful transactions, timely recognition of dishonest payers.

Marketing research

Investigation of intellectual property and copyright infringement.

Investigating the facts of law violations related to product falsification and counterfeiting.

Searching for missing and absconding people, witnesses and beneficiaries.

· Clarifying different life situations

Monitoring of adults, analysis of their behavior, prevention and protection from negative influence.

Research and search for facts related to various specific events.

Ensuring cyber security, recovery of lost information.

Inspection of buildings and communication facilities.

Criminal surveillance detection, countermeasures.

·     Legal assistance and consultation.

Personal protection and security.

Tel: + (995) 557-32-35-21


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