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Young detectives of Georgia staffed with experts who will solve all your problems.


Our research team uses any legal, formal or informal sources to obtain information


Use of received information - Provision of case management. A set of result-oriented actions.


Our Services

What can we do for you

· Study of the business partner, his financial situation and business reputation

· Determine the reliability of the partner.

· Avoiding unsuccessful transactions, timely identification of unscrupulous payers.

· Marketing research

· Clarify different life situations

· Monitoring adolescents, analyzing their behavior, preventing and protecting them from negative influences.

· Legal aid and consultation.

Basic services

Exclusive service


private detective

Offering the services of a private detective, our young detectives will provide you with full compliance with the law


Phone SPY

All types of mobile phone and computer control (monitoring), we offer programs through which you can monitor any type of Iphone, Android and WINDOWS PC.


Journalistic investigation

Young detectives offer to conduct a journalistic investigation, based on the facts after the investigation, young detectives issue a report


GPS control

Devices are monitored in real time from a computer or mobile phone. No special software is required for this